Letter To The Romans - Manfred, King of Sicily

Regis Epistola ad Romanos
24 May 1265

Rise up, O Rome, and with frequent meditation consider within the recesses of your heart how hitherto Caesar was publicly elected to the throne of the Empire by the decree of your generals, by the authority of the Senate, and by the affirmation of your people, without any intervening act by the prelates of the Roman Church and was crowned by the prefect of the glorious city in the presence of your proconsuls. O most happy root of the founding of the Empire, the first to conceive a Caesar, O great Rome, head of the world, now you lack a head. 

We intend to deal with you, great Rome, head of the world, in such a way that the rights of the Empire will rise again by the authority of your Senate, people, and commune, and our Majesty will be put forward for the throne of the Empire, and so, with your privileges restored by our imperial power, you may take up again the glorious dominion of your most ancient seat from which, under the presiding dominion of your Emperors, you governed throughout the course of two thousand years - and more, if you think closely. 

And so, illustrious city of Rome, the monarchy of our power, which derives from so much bloodshed and so many victories and triumphs, proclaims to your attentive obedience that which was written: 

‘For to you it has been given to know the mystery of the kingdom of God’- both of the restoration of the Empire and of the healing of your republic – ‘but to the others only in parables’. 

Accompanied by our greatest power, and having invoked the name of Christ, we hasten to come to you, O Rome, mother and head of the Empire, for the aforesaid restoration of the Empire and of the Republic of the Romans, and to take up the diadem of the Holy Empire by the authority of its Senate, people, and commune.

Originally Published March 04, 2009


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