Meditation Of The Resurrection Of Christ Our Lord. Point II

MASTER of the Trebon Altarpiece 
The Resurrection 


1. Christ our Lord coming to the Sepulcher, first of all, he showed unto that company, that heavy and lamentable figure of his body, that so they might see, at how sear a rate he had bought their remedy. And when those Blessed souls, saw the body extended after such a manner in the sepulcher, the flesh rent off and disjointed, dyed all over with his own blood, & bored in so many places, with the sounds of his feet, hands, and side, they began anew to praise their deliverer, and gave unto him immense thanks for the liberty,which he had procured them at his so great expenses.

2. Then Christ our Lord, with his omnipotency, and peradventure also by the ministry of the Angels, gathered up all the blood which he had shed in his passion, tom out the same in his former place. Some therefore of the Angels went to the garden of Getsmany, others to the hall of Pilate, and others to the mount of Calvary, to gather up the blood of their Lord which was scattered in those places, and that with great reverence, because it was untied with the divinity, and then return to fill the veins of that Blessed body. They brought likewise the hairs which had been plucked off from his head and beard, so to accomplish that, which Christ himself had promised to his, saying. A hair of your head, shall not perish.


O most precious blood, I rejoice that thou art restored to thy former place, for such blood, was not to be any where, but in such a body, and the blood of God, was not to fill other veins, then the veins of God, wherein thou shalt now remain everlasting, to the end thou maist be the price of our redemption, the lavatory of our transgression, our sustentation, and our drink in the Blessed Sacrament, and sacrifice of the altar.

3. By and by, his Blessed soul entered into his body, and with her entrance, changed and transfigured it, much more excellently then before in the mount of Thabor. She stripped it of that swindon, or winding sheet wherein it was enwrapped, wiped away the myrrh, wherewith it was annotated, and took from it all the filth, and spots wherewith it was defiled, and communicated unto it everlastingly the four dowries of glory, Clarity Immortality, impassability, and Subtlety, wherewith that body became a thousand times more beautiful and resplendent then the sun, yea every part thereof, did resemble a sun of immense clarity and beauty: but principally those five wounds, (which were left still remaining therein for the ends, which we shall declare hereafter) did cast forth beams of admirable splendor, which adorned his feet, hands, and side, in an admirable manner: the wounds likewise which the crown of thorns had cause, made a certain glorious diadem, which marvelously beautified his sacred head. And at the same moment, serving himself of the dowry of Subtlety, he went forth of the sepulcher, penetrating that great stone, which enclosed him, the hardness thereof not being able to hinder him. O what joy, did that blessed soul receive, when she saw her body so passing glorious, and how gladly did she embrace it, choosing it for her perpetual habitation! how cheerful likewise was that blessed body, when it saw itself adorned with those dowries of glory in recompense of the dolors and ignominies which it had endured! O King of glory, who like unto a new man, comest again the second time into the world, with thy garments renewed, to live a new life full of majesty, I congratulate thee for this thy new Nativity, no less admirable then the first. In that, thou wettest forth of the womb of thy mother, leaving the gate shur to conserve her virginity: in this, thou issues forth of the earth, leaving the sepulcher shut, to manifest thy subtlety and thy majesty. In that thou comest forth as a new man, free and exempt from all sin, subject notwithstanding unto pain: in this, thou comest forth all renewed, quite exempt from all pain, and crowned with a crown of unspeakable glory, and therefore we may now say with great acclamation; We saw the glory of him, glory as it were of the only begotten Son of the Father, full of grace and virtue.

4. Lastly, it is to be believed, that Christ our Lord, according to his custom, lifting up his eyes and hands towards heaven, gave thanks to his eternal Father, for his resurrection, and the glorification of his body, saying that of the Psalm. Thou hast turned my mourning, into my glory may sing to thee, and I be not compunct with further sadness. In imitation of this glorious Lord, I will likewise say unto the eternal Father.


I give thee infinite thanks (O celestial Father) for that thou hast converted the mourning of thy Son, into so great joy, tearing the sack of his mortality: and sorrow, and reverting him now with immortality and joy. Let the self same glory which thou gavest him praise thee: let his bless soul, which is his glory, and thy glory, praise thee: and let my soul also praise thee, and never cease to praise thee for all eternity, Amen.

~ Venerable Luis de la Puente S.J. 


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