Divine Providence At Work: God Destroying Protestant Man-Made Democracy With School Shooting Deaths..Santa Fe High School in Texas

God is asleep.


There is no God.

Take your pick.

Everyone believes either or.

Everyone refuses to believe that God does pay attention to the affairs of men.

Some times it may seem as if God is asleep or does not pay attention - but don't let that fool you.

So here is the explanation for all of the School Shootings.

Divine Providence.

I will expand on this during the coming school shootings.

For now here is the latest on the School Shooting in Texas

Multiple fatalities reported after Texas high school shooting 

SANTA FE, Texas -- As many as 10 people were killed in a shooting Friday morning at a high school south of Houston, law enforcement sources confirmed to CBS News. School district Police Chief Walter Braun said that explosive devices were found in Santa Fe High School and the surrounding area. The suspect in custody was identified as Dimitrios Pagourtzis, 17, of Santa Fe, according to law enforcement sources. Police found pressure cookers and pipe bombs around the school, a law enforcement source told CBS News. Source

God's Divine Providence is at work

God is slowing destroying the wicked work of Heretics - democracy.


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