MEDITATION ON THE ASCENSION OF OUR LORD: Of The Apparition Of Christ Our Lord To His Apostles On The Day Of His Ascension. THE I POINT ~ Venerable Luis de la Puente S.J.


Of the apparition of Christ our Lord to his Apostles on the day of his Ascension.


The day being come wherein Christ our Lord, had decreed to ascend to heaven, as he had loved his which were in the world, so in the end he gave them greater signs and arguments of this his love, & to this end he appeared that day to his disciples in the supping chamber, as they were eating, and did also eat with them, amiably with great signs and tokens of love, and then said unto them, how that day he was to depart unto his Father: and it may be believed, that to comfort them in the sorrow which this news caused unto them , he repeated some of those reasons which before he had delivered them in the sermon he made after supper.

1. First, peradventure he said unto them. I go to prepare you a place, and if I go and prepare you a place, I come again and will take you to myself, that where I am, you also may be: as if he said. I ascend to heaven, to open the gates thereof, and to give entrance to such just as have deserved the same, to the end that they may enjoy the mansions which are prepared for them in the house of my Father: rejoice yes, for I will come again to fetch you in the hour of your death, and will lead you with me, placing you in that place, which my Father hath designed you.


O my beloved, ascend in good time up to heaven, since it is thine and was principally created for thee: but forget not (I beseech thee) to return for me, that I also may come where thou art, assisting me with thy grace, to the end I may be worthy to be admitted into thy glory, Amen.

2. Then immediately he added another reason, saying. If you loved me, you would be glad verily that I go to the Father, because the Father is greater than I: that is to say. If you love me, you ought to rejoice of my honor, and of my contentment, because I Ascend to my Father which is in heaven, who is greater then I, as I am man, and is to honor and glorify me, setting me upon his right hand, where I shall enjoy with quiet that eternal kingdom, which I have conquered by my passion. 


I rejoice (O most sweet JESUS) that thou ascends to thy Father, for that I love thee more then myself, and desire thine honor more then mine own: and since thy Father is also mine, I have great hope, that the wilt hereafter bring me to enjoy his divine presence.

3. Thirdly he further added; It is expedient for you that I go. for if I go not, the Paraclete shall not come to you: but if I go, I will send him to you: as if he had said. It doth not only import my honor, that I ascend to heaven, but also your profit, to the end your faith may be perfited, your hope erected, your charity purified, and that the plenitude of the holy Ghost may come down from heaven, for if I ascend not, the holy Ghost will not come to you: as well for that it is decreed that I ascend first, and do send him from thence unto you, as also for that yourselves are not well prepared for to receive him, for that you adhere with a certain kind of carnal love to my corporal presence, which manner of love it is necessary for you to cast off, that you may be capable, to receive so sovereign a gift. Wherefore (O my soul) consider attentively that thy God is a spirit, and that he will be loved with a spiritual love, quite exempt from all favor of self love: for if to love the corporal presence of Christ with a love less pure, and with some proper interest, hinder the coming of the holy Ghost, how much more will the disordinate love of thyself, or of any other creature, hinder the same? 


O sweet Savior, govern my soul as seemeth best to thee, and if it be expedient for her spiritual profit, that thou absent thyself from her, and withdraw all sensible consolation, thy will be done for I know for certain, that thou wilt send the holy Ghost the comforter, in due season, with that plenitude that is requisite for her, to persevere in thy love.

Venerable Luis de la Puente S.J.


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