Ramadan 515 DOOM: Muslim Accidentally Shoots Himself While ‘Celebrating’ Arrival Of Ramadan

Let the Ramadan Death count begin......

Turkish man accidently shoots himself while ‘celebrating’ arrival of Ramadan 

A man in the Marmara province of Düzce in northwest Turkey accidentally shot himself in the leg with a rifle on the evening of May 15, “celebrating” the arrival of the Muslim holy month Ramadan. The unidentified man, who reportedly lives in Düzce’s Aydınpınar village, opened fire into the air twice before shooting himself in the leg accidentally. He was rushed to Atatürk State Hospital for treatment. Following the incident, local gendarmerie forces were dispatched to the village as part of security measures following instructions by the Düzce Governor’s Office. Legal proceedings against 10 locals found to have been shooting in the air has also been launched by the authorities. Despite being outlawed, shooting in the air is a common practice at public celebrations among Turkish people in remote rural areas, particularly those in the Black Sea region, the eastern and southeastern provinces. Source


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