What New Mass Goers Say To Lazarus: You Made Poor Life Choices....

You Made Poor Life Choices....

What is that?

What kind person says that to another person who is in need?

I was reminded again about this cruel statement when the Academics at University of  Oregon  said this about a dead Student in their official statement.

The Student is a white male who belonged to a fraternity.

The University has since retracted the cruel comment.

So again where did this come from?

Is this some sort of Higher Education Diversity statement that is thrown out to distance oneself from helping others? I bet.

Person in need: "For the love of God help me!"

New Mass Goer: "You Made Poor Life Choices...."


I've actually heard this cruel statement coming from a new mass goer.

This is the bad fruit of those who attend the new mass.

If you object - please think about this for a moment.

Most of those who attend the new mass are impious they laugh talk shout before during and after the new mass. There is no peace at the new mass. The new mass goers have no respect for Silence or for God. They are ill mannered.

The new mass goer think that charity is to be tolerate of all error and vice.

So please tell me how true charity can be found in impious soul?

It can't  - that's why the new mass goer is apt to say to someone in need "You Made Poor Life Choices...."

"You Made Poor Life Choices...."
"You Made Poor Life Choices...."
"You Made Poor Life Choices...."
"You Made Poor Life Choices...."
"You Made Poor Life Choices...."
"You Made Poor Life Choices...."

College blasts history of students 'demonstrating poor life choices' after University of Oregon student, 21, is found dead during a fraternity retreat  

A University of Oregon student has been found dead near a lake in Northern California during an annual fraternity event. Dylan Pietrs, 21, of Denver was a sophomore at the school. He and his peers from the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity took a trip this past weekend to Shasta Lake, the site of an annual event that draws hundreds of other pledges. News of his death was announced by the university, which released an official Investigators said that there was no sign of foul play and that Pietrs was found on-shore in a sleeping bag inside a tent near other students, KPTV reported. Authorities said they received a report at approximately 8:45am about a 21-year-old male who wasn’t breathing. Source


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