Ramadan DOOM! Muslim Convert Ichiro Kojima, 22, Goes On Stabbing Rampage On Japanese Bullet Train Kills One Passenger Wounds Two

Ramadan ends 14 June

Muslim Convert must celebrate Ramadan.....

A Japanese bullet express passenger has been killed and another two have been injured after a knifeman went on a rampage near Tokyo. Police arrested Ichiro Kojima, 22, after the train made an emergency stop at Odawara station after reports of a knife attack. Kojima was found with a blade stuck in his thigh while lying on top of an unconscious man on the aisle floor, police said.A 38-year-old victim died after being stabbed in the neck. The train was heading from Tokyo to Osaka. Odawara Police official Satoshi Oiye said the suspect admitted he'd attacked the passengers.Police are continuing to investigate his motives, Oiye said. Japanese media reported that Kojima said he carried out the assaults because he was irritated and felt like attacking anyone. Source


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