Iran Explosions: Power Plant In Ahwaz; Chlorine Gas Leak At Karoun Petrochemical Plant In Mahshahr

Adding two more explosions.

Both took place on the 4th of July

Fire at power plant, chlorine leak at petrochemical plant in Iran 

A fire broke out at the Shahid Medhaj Zargan power plant in the city of Ahvaz in southwestern Iran on Saturday and a chlorine leak sent dozens of employees to the emergency room at a petrochemical plant in the same region on Saturday, according to Iranian media.

The fire at the Zargan power plant broke out after a transformer exploded, according to the semi-official Fars News Agency. A spokesman for the Iranian electricity industry later told Iranian media that the "connection" of one of the transformers caused the fire, not an explosion.

No injuries were reported in the incident.

About an hour after the fire at the power plant, 70 people were injured due to a chlorine gas leak at the Karun Petrochemical Company, located south of Ahvaz, according to the Iranian IRNA news agency. The leak occurred after a pipe from a tank at the site ruptured. The cause of the rupture is being investigated, according to a local official.

Initial measures were taken to close the valve and cut off the chlorine, immediatly after the incident, but 70 people inhaled chlorine gas in the meantime, according to IRNA. Source


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