Melbourne Police Officer Chokes Women For Not Wearing A Mask OUTDOORS!

'He's choking me!' Confronting moment male police officer 'STRANGLES' a woman who refused to wear a face mask during a violent arrest on the streets of Melbourne amid draconian coronavirus lockdown rules

Disturbing footage has emerged showing a woman being choked by a male police officer during a violent arrest in Melbourne after she was caught not wearing a face mask. The video was captured by an onlooker in an apartment building in Wellington Street, Collingwood, in the locked down city at 5pm on Monday. It begins with the male police officer speaking to the 21-year-old red headed woman in baggy jeans. The woman can clearly be seen without a face mask, which is in breach of public health orders that were introduced on July 19 to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Residents in Melbourne and Mitchell Shire must now cover their face when they leave the house or face a $200 fine under draconian stage four lockdown restrictions. But the confrontation quickly turned violent when officer appeared to place his hands around her neck, clearly visible because of his lilac latex gloves. Source 


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