Horrible Death Of Martin Luther: Strangled In His Bed By His Familiar The Devil...


This account is 35 years after the death of the arch heretic.

Martin Luther was strangled and his body turned black when he was found the next morning.

This account states that Luther was strangled by the Devil.

Some account says that Luther was strangled by one of his nun wives using the bed sheet tied to the bed post (probably an accident by the nun - both perverts were engaging in Auto Erotic Asphyxiation) 

For Luther going one night drunk to bed, (as Hosius writeth) was found there the next day dead, slain (as is thought) by this his familiar Devil. For he was a pitiful caricature to look on, (as Saincts describeth) all black, with his tongue lying out, as a man strangled. And this was the end of Luther after almost thirty years lying, in all kind of sensuality, pride, and dissension. Robert Persons S.J. 1581 A Brief Censure 


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