Watch My Back So I Make Sure You're Right Behind Me As Before Yesterday The Night Before Tomorrow........Stay Put And Play Along.......

And that which most shall weigh upon thy shoulders
Will be the bad and foolish company
With which into this valley thou shalt fall;

For all ingrate, all mad and impious
Will they become against thee; but soon after
They, and not thou, shall have the forehead scarlet

Of their bestiality their own proceedings
Shall furnish proof; so 'twill be well for thee
A party to have made thee by thyself.

Paradiso xvii

Watch my back so I make sure
You're right behind me as before
Yesterday, the night before tomorrow
Dry my eye so you won't know,
dry my eye so I won't show
I know you're right behind me
Don't you let me go,
let me go tonight

We walk the surface of this town,
with high heels above the ground, and high horses that we know
Keep us safe into the night

We know them all I know it all,
stay put and play along
'Cause I'm looking for my friend,
now I got you,
got you

Don't you let me go,
let me go tonight
Dry my eye, dry my eye
I'm falling deeper by the hour
Dry my eye
Dry my eye, dry my eye,
don't let me fall deeper now
Dry my eye

Don't you let me go,
let me go tonight


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