No Guns Allowed: Reclusive Ann Banrhardt & Barnhardtites Are Banned From Gloria TV.......

1.) As of 1 November 2020, putting in doubt Francis lawful status as the Pope of the Catholic Church (“anti-pope”, “false prophet” etc.) is a bannable offence on 

GTV is a Catholic site in communion with the Catholic Church, in lawful recognition of the Supreme Pontiff and in communion with the members of the Church subject to him. You may raise argued objections against Francis’ statements and decisions, but random insults against him or against cardinals, bishops or anybody else will not be accepted. 

2.) There will be no debating, no warnings, no second chances. Users violating 1.) will be summarily banished. 

3.) A moderator has been appointed to enforce 1.) and 2.) and operates with the full knowledge, approval, and authority of GTV. 

"You know who you are, you know what you are doing, and it ends now. Or your presence on GTV ends


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