British Parliament Is On Fire

Just steam nothing to see here move along.....

An eye witness posted footage on Twitter showing the smoke coming out from the iconic London landmark. A fire alarm could also be heard on the footage. Fire alarm sounds at Houses of Parliament as 'smoke' seen rising from building Jessica Gallardo tweeted: “There’s a fire alarm and a lot of smoke coming out from Parliament in London.” London Fire told it is "not something they are aware of" at the moment. However, she went on to say how she is only going off the alarm and did not see any flames. She tweeted: “Ok, for everybody asking, I’m going off from what the official alarm stated. I did NOT see any fire.” The Commons told it was “just steam”, but have not explained the reason for the fire alarm sounding. This comes just days after MPs were warned they will have to move out to allow urgent repairs to the building. Senior MPs have insisted the repair work should carry on around them but the Restoration and Renewal Sponsor Body said the pandemic has shown sessions can bee carried out by Zoom. The organisation warned MPs: “The case remains that the Houses of Parliament are falling apart faster than they can be fixed, with maintenance costs rapidly increasing and more than 40,000 problems reported since 2017. Source


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