MEDITATION ON OUR LORD'S PASSION: And A Hymn Being Said, They Went Out Unto Mount Olivet

BASSANO, Jacopo 
The Last Supper 
c. 1546

And a hymn being said, Jesus went foorth beyond the torrent Cedron according to his custom, and his disciples followed him. Mt.xxvi. Mk.xiv. Lk.xxi. Jn.xviii.

Christ began his passion:

First from prayer:

Secondly,from his going out of the place of supper, both because he would not be apprehended as an eater & drinker, but as one praying unto God, and the patron of man-kind, and also because his host with whom he supped should sustain no damage by his passion, which ought to profit all men and to hurt none.

Thirdly, he went beyond the torrent Cedron, by which way in old time David fled from his son Absalom: A torrent in the holy scriptures signifieth the incommodious things of this life, as in this place, My soul hath passed the torrent Ps.125: all which calamities being very great, our Saviour overcame with exceeding constancy of mind.

Fourthly, he went into the Mount Olivet: Mount signifieth excellency, and Olive charity. Here do thou consider that Christ began his passion with great, earnest, and fervent prayer, with much constancy of mind, and exceeding charity, in which virtues he was well exercised, as appeareth by these words (according to his custom) He inviteth thee likewise to the same virtues when he carried his apostles with him: For except thou be diligent in prayer, except thou avoid the perils of evil occasions, except thou makest a resolution purpose, except thou best inflamed with the love of God, and to be brief, except thou doest diligently use virtues, thou shalt never overcome thy temptations. Follow then our Lord with his Apostles, and pray him that he never leave nor forsake thee.

Fr. Francis Costerus S.J. 1616


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