How to return by inward acts of mind unto the presence of God, when you have lost it.

SANO di Pietro 
Madonna and Child with Sts Anthony Abbott and Bernardino of Siena 
c. 1450
1. O chief good, how great is my negligence, that I do not endeavor always to be present unto thee, when as if thou weren't and wer'st not present unto me, I should not be, but turn to nothing.

2. Is it possible my Lord, that I do not delight in thee, in whom all true delights are found?

3. Thou dear Lord and Saviour Jesus Chrst, art the life, wherewithal such as truly live, do live; what then do I seek, when I wander from thee, but temporal and eternal death?

4. Turn O my soul into thy rest: because our Lord hath done good to thee.

5. Is there any thing my Lord, that deserveth to be more remembered of me, then thee, since thou dyedst to redeem me?

6. Thou sweet Jesu art the light of the world: where then do I walk, when I walk not in thy presence, or before thee? but in darkness.

7. These things (dear Lord) which I love, I remember too easily; whereby I may see how little I love thee, since I forget thee so often.

8. Grant, dear Lords, that thou mayst always abide in me, and I in thee, by charity.

9. O infinite beauty, how happy are the Citizens of the heavenly Jerusalem, who always keep thy presence, and actually think upon thee! When shall I die my Lord, that I may forever enjoy thee?

So as the Prophet saith: To delight in our Lord, and he will give thee the portions of thy heart: the content and rest thou desirest.

Fr. Thomas Doughty 1623


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