A Third Design Our Lord Had In Instituting The Sacrifice Of The Holy Mass, Was, That It Might Be An Impetratory Sacrifice; By Means Of Which We Might Obtain All Necessary Graces To Love And Serve HIm; FOr Which End We Ought To Offer It.

The Sermon of Saint Martin 
c. 1490

A Third Design Our Lord Had In Instituting The Sacrifice Of The Holy Mass, Was, That It Might Be An Impetratory Sacrifice; By Means Of Which We Might Obtain All Necessary Graces To Love And Serve HIm; FOr Which End We Ought To Offer It. 

Our Lord promised us, that all the petitions we should make in his name, should be infallibly granted us. We can never be said to ask so properly in his name and by his merits, as when we present him to his eternal Father to be our petitioner; when his precious body and blood are actually upon our Altars, where his sacred blood pleads for us; the virtue of which is infinite, and the voice akk-powerful to obtain ak that is requested. What can God refuse us, when we offer him a God in payment for what we ask?

We are assured that the only Son of God is given us; he is then all ours; Parvulus Filius datus est nobis. Therefore when we assist at Holy Mass, we may offer him as ours, with all the divine acts, which his soul then addresses to his eternal Father, and present them as our own. What a treasure have we then in hand! by means of which, we shall adore, give thanks, and pray by the prayers of Christ. How can we then but be heard?How rich is a soul that knows thus how to make use of the great treasure bestowed upon her! which is no less than Jesus Christ with all his merits. Let us then male use of it, to purchase all we want, begging with confidence al we stand in need of, for it is given us for that end.

O excess of goodness! who obliged him to be thus liberal to us! he in a worthy manner performs on our Altars, towards his eternal Father, what we are incapable of doing in a manner worthy of his Divine Majesty, and thereby supplies for all our: defedls. What caufe of joy for us! sincc. all his divine operations are ours, and performed for us. Since in giving himself to us, he gave us all he is, and all he has, without reserve.

It is by means of Holy Mass, that we. gain strength to overcome all our enemies, and efficacious remedies to cure our wounds. And our souls are cleaned from the stains of sin, by the blood of the Lamb of God, there offered. Almighty God also affords, a more special protection to such as are careful to assist thereat as often as they can. The Council of Trent assures us thereof in these words : The Sacrifice oj Mafs does not only obtain us the gifts of penance but manages for us the proper helps we have need of in the different conjunctures of this life. Many by means of Mass have overcome the temptations of the enemy that tempted their fidelity to God. One that was tempted to despair, and was upon the point of yielding, being advised by the person he declared it to, to hear Mafs every day, which he had no sooner resolved upon, but he was entirely freed from the temptation, 

Happy are they that are sensible of the vast advantage of assisting at Holy Mass; for it is the source of all sort of Good. What grace, what favour, what riches, spiritual and corporal, for time, and for eternity.

As with earthly kings and princes,, it is all in all to address ourselves to them in a proper time when they are best disposed, and they are likely to be best disposed when great honours are done them. So in regard of God, the properest time to obtain of him what we defire, is the time of Holy Mass, by which he receives an infinite honour, and in which he takes an infinite complacence: which makes St.Chrisostome say, that of all times, Mass is the most advantageous time to negotiate with Almighty God. For how is it possible that God should refuse us any grace we ask, at the very moment he works so many wonders in our favour, and gives us his only Son, and the same Son offers himself in sacrifice for us. .

To profit by it as we ought, our chief design must be to render to God that due honour which this sacrifice only can render him. Then to obtain pardon and remission of our sins, and the grace to overcome temptations, and to fulfil the duties of our state and employment as we ought. That peace may be maintained in our family and that each may increase in perfection according to God's merciful designs.

An infinity of blessings are wanting to us, and. we are oppressed with as many evils an miseries. We have in the. sacrifice of Holy Mass, a treasure so great, that all blessings are contained in it, and an universal remedy. against all our miseries;. and for want of knowing how to make use of it we are spiritually poor, and oppressed. with miseries. In order then to make, our advantage of our treasure, we may use the following method..

Lady Lucy Herbert 
Prioress of the English Austin Canonesses at Bruges 


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