Eucharist 15th century Manuscript

The Manner OF Assisting At Holy Mass, When We Consider It As An Impetratory Sacrifice, For Which End Christ Instituted It, That We Might Thereby Obtain All Necessary Graces To Love and Serve God.



Consider yourself in the presence f God as a poor beggar at the gate of a prince, infinitely rich, liberal, and powerful. Then reflect that Jesus Christ assures you that you shall obtain whatever you ask his Father in his name; and moreover that he will come down from heaven to join his prayers with yours, and to renew the Sacrifice f the Holy Cross for you, and apply the merits of it to you.


Oh my God, I am sensible f my great poverty and wants, and of my many miseries in body and soul; of my infirmities and weakness in the one, passions and vicious inclinations in the other. My soul defiled with sin, my heart narrow for want of Divine Love. And i n the little good I do, there is so much dross caused by self seeking. and self love, that there will be little or nothing worthy of your regard; and what is most deplorable is, that I feel my miseries and wants, and cannot free myself from them.

Come then, my God, and drive away all that you dislike in me, for no less a power than yours can do it; cast out all that is hurtful to me, and cleanse my heart from all that loathsome corruption which dwells in it. Banish thence forever the tyranny of self love, under which I groan, together with all that is sensual; and since my heart is so narrow, enlarge it, I beseech you, to a capacity fir entertain and love you.

O my God, since you have been pleased to give me your only Son, I cannot think you will refuse me what I ask, for he being mine by your free gift, I offer him to you with by your free gift, I offer him to you with all his merits; which offering I am sure you will graciously accept; and after having received from me a present of so great value, what return may I not hope from you, who will not be outdone by any of your creatures. I dare affirm that whatever I can request, or you can give, will not be worth the victim I offer you; which raises my hopes to an assurance of obtaining what I ask: for what can you deny me, when I offer you your Divine Son?



Reflect, that the source of all your evils is the darkness of your understanding through want of faith: which darkness is the cause of all you do amiss. For did you know and understand truth, and what God is, you would never cease to love him; and in all you did, you would seek him only and his interest, and by consequence could never offend him.


O my God, the darkness I live in, for want of a sufficient light, is the chief cause of my misfortune and defects. I own it is a just punishment for my sins, and for my sins, and for my having so often slighted the light you gave me; refusing to make use of it as I ought, when it would have led me through virtue to felicity, and through grace to glory. I therefore have deserved to be deprived of it, and to have my understanding obscured with ignorance, and subject to deceit and error. 

O pardon me, my God, and in your mercy now disperse those clouds of darkness and ignorance which overshade me. Let your light shine with such piercing beams, as may not only illuminate my darkness, but also melt and inflame my heart, and make it fit to receive your impressions. Take from me that sadness which darkness breeds, and give me that spiritual cheerfulness and joy which no created good can give, nor evil deprive me of, and which you only can bestow. Give me a profound humility which springs from the light that shows me to myself as I am in your eyes. Let it humble but not deject me.

O did I believe, as I ought, that humility and sufferings is the secure way to glory, I should not have so great a repugnance to what is humbling, not so great a horror of the least sufferings, mortifications, or self denial, since faith teaches me that it is the only way to heaven. All is possible to those that have faith, says our Lord, and one grain of it is sufficient to transport mountains. How can I then be said to have any, since I am not able to surmount the least difficulty? When shall I have it? When you, God, shall please to bestow so precious a gift upon me, for unless you give it, I cannot have it. O beg it then, in the name of Jesus Christ you only Son, who is going to sacrifice himself for me on this Altar, for whose sake I beseech you to open and enlighten my understanding with your Divine Light, that I may comprehend the maxims of my salvation and perfection, and rectify my heart that I may cordially embrace the same.  



Let the bread and wine there offered mind you of your own soul and body; as that is offered to be changed into the body and blood of Christ, beg he will please to work in you a like change, transforming your soul and body into a resemblance of him.


My Lord and my God permit me to offer you my soul and body with the bread and wine that is offered you by the Priest your Minister, to the end it may be changed into the body and blood of your Son, so let me be changed into a resemblance of him. All is pure in him, and all profane in me. It was to reform what malice of the devil and sin had defaced of your image, that my SAviour immolated himself on the cross, and it is for that he now sacrifices himself on  our Altars. Repair that image in me with the precious blood that ran from the wounds of your Divine Son; and with the water that issued from his sacred side, wash away all that defiles my soul. Change those perverse and inveterate inclinations which draw me to sin; and in place of them. give me what may make me truly pleasing to you, as NN. change my tepidity into fervour, and my love of ease into an unalterable patience.

What will it cost you to work this change? one word from your sacred mouth will presently change the bread and wine into the substance of the body and blood of your Son; add one more in my favour, and it will suffice to make a saint of a sinner. At the birth of time, as soon as you had pronounced that word, Light be made, it presently shined over the whole universe. Speak the same word in behalf of my understanding, and those thick clouds which darken it will at the same instant be dispersed. You commanded that earth should produce flowers and fruits, and immediately it did so. O if you would but speak after that manner t my soul, though but one word with the absolute tone of Master, however barren it be, it would presently become fruitful in all sorts of good works. Say only, Behold my servant, and forthwith I shall have all the qualities of a good one; as real fidelity, prudence, &c. O that I could substitute myself in place of the bread and wine, to be changed in some sort into you! If you said of me, This is my body and my blood, what admirable effects would not those words work in me. At least please to say. This is my image, and I shall be truly so.



Reflect that Jesus Christ descends from heaven upon your altars, to intercede in favour of you; and it is to obtain you the graces you stand in need of, that he renews the sacrifice he offered upon Mount Calvary.


What joy for me, my most amiable Saviour, that you will please to descend from heaven t earth in this conjuncture, when your presence is so necessary. I adore and reverence you as my God, and I love you as my Saviour. You being both my Saviour and my God, what may I not hope for? I beseech you, have compassion on my miseries. Let not your descent from heaven t earth be in vain to me. What can your heavenly Father refuse you in this state of victim? The profound respect with which in mortal flesh you petitioned his Divine Majesty, made you be ever heard; and when did you ever appear in his presence with more respect, and in a more humble posture, than at present? Speak then, dear Saviour, for me; let all your wounds, as so many mouths, plead my cause. Can you refuse me this at the very time you have the goodness to descend, and to sacrifice yourself for me upon the altar? that is what I cannot believe.

But as I know myself unworthy to be heard, having so often refused to hear and obey your voice, I implore the intersession of your Blessed Mother, and of your Holy Angels; and I assure myself, you will not refuse to hear them who never offended you in the least.

O sacred Queen of heaven and earth! you are the Mother of my Saviour, and you are also mine, though I am a sinner. Have as much compassion for me as you have power with your Son. Employ your credit in petitioning for me his unworthy member, and obtain me what you see I most want, to become truly pleasing to him and you. 

O Holy Angels. make appear your love to me on God's account. Let not the advantage you enjoy in being disengaged from a corruptible body make you less compassionate the unhappy circumstances of a soul kept down by the weight of her corruptible body. Pray for me to your King and mine, and obtain me the entire victory over all his enemies and mine, both in life and death.

And be mindful also of our afflicted friends in purgatory: you who present the prayers of the saints before the throne of God, offer him this Sacrifice of Holy Mass to obtain their deliverance; especially of NN. who so ardently desire to sing the praises of God with you.



Remember, when you address yourself to the eternal Father by the Pater noster, to be him that divine nourishment you stand so much in need of, and prepare yourself for spiritual communion.


Since you are pleased, my God, to look on me as your child, and to allow me to call you Father, I cannot but expect you will give me that celestial food I want. O my God, that I might be nourished with the divine victim which has now been immolated on our altar! What joy and content would it be to me! The wearied and thirsty wuld stage desires not so much the cooling streams, as my heart does this victim which is the source of grace.

Come then, my amiable Saviour, the joy of my heart and life of my soul. I have asked a great many things of your eternal Father; but provided I am so happy as to possess and keep you, I will request no more, for I have all things in you. You are my light , my refuge, my comfort, and my hope. In you are contained all the treasures of heaven: in yu is true wisdom, power, and all happiness. What remains then to be wished or desire more, but only that you will please to remain continually with me whilst on earth, and that I may remain forever with you in heaven? 

Then in the heart of Jesus, which you possess, and by the merits of it, beg of Almighty God all your spiritual wants, especially a happy death: And you may then accept of death for love of hum who died for you, and to satisfy for all your offences against him.

Lady Lucy Herbert 
Prioress of the English Austin Canonesses at Bruges


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