Heresy Of Montanus Shot Forth Different Branches: Cataphrigians, Artotirites, Peputians, Ascodrogites, And Pattalorinchites


Heresies of the Second Century

Cataphrigians, Artotirites, Peputians, Ascodrogites, Pattalorinchites. 

11. The heresy of Montanus shot forth different branches, as the Cataphrigians, Artotirites, Peputians, Ascodrogites, and Pattalorinchites. The Cataphrigians were called from the nation to which Montanus belonged. The Eucharistic bread they used was made of flour and blood taken from the body of an infant by puncturing it all over ; if the infant died he was considered a martyr, but if he survived he was regarded as high priest. This we learn from Noel Alexander (18). The Artotirites were so called, because in the sacrifice of the Eucharist, they offered up bread and cheese. The Peputians took their name from an obscure village of Phrigia, where they held their solemn meetings ; they ordained women priests and bishops, saying there was no difference between them and men. The Ascodrogites were no better than the ancient bacchanalians ; they used bottles which they filled with wine near the altars, saying that these were the new bottles Jesus Christ spoke of " They shall put new wine into new bottles, and both are preserved." The Pattalorinchites were so called, because they wore a small stick in the mouth or nose, a sign of strict silence ; they were so called, from pattalos, a stick, and rincJios, the nose (19).

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