Acts Of Charity, Or Love Towards God

Madonna of Humility 
c. 1390

Acts Of Charity, Or Love Towards God.

1. As the chased Hart thirsteth after the fountain of wates: so I desire, that my heart should perpetually, thirst after thee dear Lord.

2. O Lord of infinite beauty, that my heart were so wounded with my heart were so wounded with thy love, that out of fervour of spirit, I might in silent speech, perpetually breath forth: When shall I come, and approved before thy face?

3. O most amiable Son of the living God, take now possession of this my heart, which was created for to love thee: and pierce it with a thousand wounds, of pure love, that I may for ever sweetly languish after thy eternal beauty.

4. How beloved are the tabernacles O Lord of Hosts: my soul coveteth, and fainteth after the Court of my God.

5. Dear Lord, to thee I consecrate my heart.

6. O, my Love, how sweet is the love of thee. Those who know thee my Lord, love thee: show me thy face dear Lord, that I may for ever sigh after thee.

7. Do not permit me (dear Lord) to love any thing but thee.

8. O Beauty, above all beauties created, how happy are they, who do always ardently love thee?

9. O dear King of all beauty, and glory, I will no other inheritance but thee. O life of my life, and more beautiful, then all beauties created put together: inflame me with a most burning desire after thy eternal beauty.

10. O Lord of infinite mercy, how great are the multitude of thy mercies: that thou commandest me to love thee: and if I do not thou art angry, and threatened eternal miseries: when in loving thee consisteth all my joys and good.

11. O who will give to me (my Lord) that I may die for thee: that by my corporal death, my soul may be engulfed in thee, her rest, and chaste bed-chamber of all divine delights.

12. Too late have I loved thee, Beauty, so auncient and so new: too late have I loved thee: but pardon my negligence past, dear Lord, and grant that this beginning may last, and increase for ever.

13. Thou dear Lord wast within me, and I was without my self: & amongst these fair things which thou hast created, I fought thee, and foulely erred: fair they were because thou createdst them, but to me foul, for that OI loved them, and loved them not in thee.

14. O how I lament Dear Lord: that my poor soul hath been so worldly unto thee, Dear Lord, that nothing created, may please me, but the only loving of thy divine Majesty.

15. Thou art all fair my Love, thou art all fair, and there is not a spot or stain in thee.

16. O my infinite God, I resign to thee, all that thy liberality both bestowed upon me: that thereby may please thee, and offer-without ceasing, in the Altar of my heart, myself in Sacrifice.

17. If I forget to love thee Dear Lord. let all my pleasures be turned into sorrows: and let my right hand be forgetful of her actions, if I do not offer unto thee, upon the Altar of my heart, a Sacrifice of perpetual love, morning, Mid-day, and Evening.

Fr. Thomas Doughty 1623


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