Virgin and Child 

1. Most bountiful Lord, I render thee infinite thanks, for all the benefits, gifts, graces, favors, and mercies, which thou hast bestowed upon me.

2. O most merciful Lord: what is all that ever I can do, in recompense of thy infinite benefits, which thou hast bestowed upon me? as my Creation, Redemption, Conservation, and holy inspirations, graces, and favors.

3. The Kings of the earth (dear Lord) expect gratitude, and thankfulness from them, upon whom they have bestowed earth: What gratitude and thankfulness should I use towards thee, at whose hands I hope to receive the Kingdom of heaven?

4. Most liberal Lord, since I have received this body, and soul, and whatsoever else I possess, from thee: do not permit me to bestow it, or them upon any other but thee. 

5. Most merciful Lord, at this instant, according to my deserts, I should be burning in eternal flames: what thanks then, can I worthily render unto thee my Lord, who by thy death hast purchased my redemption to life?

6. O sweet Saviour, how can I pay the infinite obligation which I owe unto thee, for so many good works, words, and thoughts, which by thy divine mercy proceed out of my heart; for that I well know, without thy particular grace, there cannot arise in me any one good thought?

7. Most merciful God, in the best manner I can or may, I seek unto our Lord, and Saviour, Jesus Christ, the blessed Virgin, and all the quires of Angels, and souls of the just in heaven and earth: beseeching them that they would help me to render thee thanks, which I owe unto thee, for thy infinite benefits received.

Fr. Thomas Doughty 1623


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