The Visitation 
c. 1767

1.  O Sweet Jesu, that commandest me, to learn of thee meekness: grant that I may always have thee, as a pattern before mine eyes, to conform my self to thee, in meekness and humility.

2. I will resolve dear Lord, by thy grace, for the time to come, to bear, as a meek Lamb, all the injuries that shall be done unto me, by my persecutors: only to confirm my self to thee, in thy passion for me.

3. Most meek Lord, though I were wronged of the meanest man of the world, yet would I show love, and good will towards him.

4. Do not suffer me dear Lord to disdain my neighbor, for any interest or damage, that may be done unto me, by him.

5. By the assistance of thy grace, I resolve dear Lord, that if at any time, I should be molested, or injured: most freely to forgive it for thy love.

Fr. Thomas Doughty 1623


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