Virgin and Child 
c. 1522

1. Thy will be done dear Lord, in heaven, and in earth.

2.  Thou hast created me dear Lord, and all these things, which I have: and into thy hands I resign them.

3. Not my will: but thine be done, O eternal God.

4. Our Lord gave, and our Lord hath taken away, as it hath pleased our Lord, so is it done: the name of our Lord be blessed.

5. Take from me (most just Lord) even what thou wilt, and punish & afflict me as much as thou pleasest: only grant me always to enjoy the sight of thy Presence, and I am contented.

6. Thou only (o Lord) art my portion, mine inheritance, and my God: Do not separate me from thee, and all things else I leave to thy mercy.

7. Thy will be done for ever, and ever.

8. Into thy hands I commend my spirit.

9. So wound my heart dear Lord with thy love: that I may live not I, but thy will in me.

10. Grant me dear Lord, that I may at all times, and in all occasions ever seek to do thy will.

Fr. Thomas Doughty 1623


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