Christ among the Doctors 

Acts Of Abstinence 

1. O my Lord, of infinite Majesty, I resolve hereafter, not to eat, or drink, more then shall be necessary to sustain this my body, with force only to serve thee.

2. Grant dear Lord, that I may never seek after exquisite meats, to please my taste, but be content with such things, as are sufficient to satisfy the necessities of nature, and maintain life.

3. I resolve sweet Jesu, to chastise my body with hunger and thirst, the more to confirm myself, with thee, in thy sacred passion for me.  

4. I purpose dear Lord, by the assistance of thy grace, to abstain from all carnal desires, and sensual delights, of the world and flesh, the more to love and please thee.

Fr. Thomas Doughty 1623


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