GIOTTO di Bondone 
The Adoration of the Magi 

Acts Of Charity Or Love Towards Our Neighbor

1. O King of Kings, in whose hands are the hearts of all Kings: for thy tender mercies, I beseech thee, grant that my King, Prince, and Princess, may so live, and serve thee upon earth, that after death, they may be found in the great multitude which no man could number, of all Nations, Tribes, and peoples, and tongues which are to be signed with thy mark, and to be conducted to the fountain of living waters.

2. O Lord of infinite majesty, let the petition of thy servant be accepted in thy sight, and grant that this my King, and his seed, may be numbered amongst that seed, to which thou promised, I will put his seed forever, and his Throne as the days of heaven.

3. Thou art faithful (dear Lord) and just, and right, without any iniquity, and hast promised, That whosoever shall glorify thee, thou wilt glorify him,and they that contemn thee, shall be base. Grant dear Lord, that this my King, Prince, and Princess, may so glorify thee in all their actions, and deeds, that thou mayest glorify them upon earth, and heaven eternal.

4. With all my heart Dear Lord, I would it were thy sacred will, and pleasure, that I might die a more cruel death, then ever did any of the Martyrs, for the conversion of this my country unto the Catholic Roman faith.

5. Dear Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, though my neighbor should use me never so unkindly, yet I would beare him good will, only for thy love.

6. Grant (dear Lord) that I may rather die, then beare malice, or envy, against my neighbor.

7. O my Lord, of infinite goodness: how is it possible that I should hate any man, knowing that thou who art the Son of God, suffered a most cruel death, for to redeem the meanest, that is upon the earth.

8. My eternal God by the assistance of thy grace, I intend from henceforth, to beare cordial affections towards all men, without respect of persons.

9. Most merciful Lord, beseech thy infinite goodness, so to illuminate the hearts of all sinners, that they may come to do hardy penance for their sins, and seek to love thee with all their hearts.

10. Grant dear Lord, for the passion of thine only Son Jesus Christ, that all these Schismatics and heretics, who in effect defend that thou hast failed, in maintaining thy oaths and promises made to Abraham, the Patriarchs and Prophets, for many hundred years: may see their errors, and return unto thy holy Catholic Roman Church: in which are abundantly fulfilled all thy Oaths, and promises.

11. Forgive sweet Saviour, all those who persecute me, and grant that they may come so to love thee in this life, that after death they may forever enjoy thee in heaven.

12. I beseech thee my Lords, by the bowels of thy infinite mercy, that all such as seek after ambition and earthly dignities, may turn all their affections upon thee, who art their true felicity.

13. Grant (dear Lord) that I may rather die, then not heartily love, and pray for my severest persecutors.

14. Dear Lord, for thy infinite mercies I beseech thee, so to illuminate the hearts of all English Ministers, our dear country men, that they may see thy Oaths, and promises, fulfilled in our Catholic Roman Church, and return unto is with all their hearts.

Fr. Thomas Doughty 1623


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