BENING, Simon 
Beatty Rosary 
c. 1530

1. How beautiful (dear Lord) is the chaste generation with glory: for the memory therefore is immortal: because it is known both with God and with men.

2. O most chaste Son of a virgin; I resolve by thy grace, and for thy love, to live chaste all my life. How happy a thing it is (dear Jesu) to live, and die a virgin, since those are thy spouses upon earth, and follow thee wheresoever thou shalt go in heaven.

3.  Grant dear Lord, that I may rather die, then violate Continency in my state.

4. Sweet Jesu, and life of my soul, I resolve most firmly never to look upon any creature, vain, or light, that may give me occasion of violating my faith to thee.

5. Dear Saviour, the Apostle saith, and true it must be, that she who doth marry, doth well, and which doth not, doth better: How much am I bound to praise thee, who hast placed me in the better state?

6. Most pure Lord, worthy of the entire love of all hearts, I resolve for thy love to abstain from earthly delights.

7. O chaste Son of a virgin, although I might enjoy all the delights of the flesh (so mush of men desired) without offending thee, yet would I most carefully procure to fly them, the more to please thee.

8. Most beautiful bed of my heart, I purpose not to look upon those bodies, or creatures, which to the eyes of men seem to be beautiful, to remain always most faithful unto thee.

Fr. Thomas Doughty 1623


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