DÜRER, Albrecht 
Life of the Virgin: 15. Christ among the Doctors in the Temple 

1. Dear Lord. I detest and abhor, all my sins only for thy love: and resolve for the time to come, to die a thousand deaths, rather then willingly to offend thee in anything.

2. Grant me dear Lord, always to detest my sins, for that they are displeasing unto thee. 

3. Have mercy dear Lord, upon me a poor sinner.

4. O Lord of infinite mercy, there was never sinner that did call upon thee, to whom thou didst not show mercy.\: So I hope thou wilt have mercy upon me, who calleth upon thee, for mercy, with all my heart.

5.  O sweet Jesu, how it doth displease me, that I have offended thee, so infinite a good, do not suffer me (dear Lord,) ever to offend thee more.

6. O that I might (dear Lord) by the shedding of my blood for thee, cancel all my enormous crimes: certainly I resolve for the time to come, not willingly to commit one venial sin, although I might gain all the treasures of the earth.

7. Give me dear Lord, a contrite heart, and full of hearty sorrow for my sons.

8. O infinite Majesty, I would it had been thy will, that I had died, before I offended thee: certainly in time to come, I will die a thousand deaths, rather then willingly to offend thee any more.

Fr. Thomas Doughty 1623


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