Pious Sentiments On The Holy Communion II

Of the zeal and fervor with which we ought to approach the Holy Mysteries.

II. It is the property of goodness to attract, and excite our heart to seek after the possession of it; and the more excellence there is in a thing, “the more deferring it is of our earned and ardent endeavors in the pursuit of it. Now as He, who is presented to us on our altars, is of infinite excellence, he deserves that we should exert, if it were possible, an infinite ardor and earnestness for obtaining the possession of him. 

As he is properly the only good we possess on earth, the only desire of our hearts should be to enjoy him by the means of Communion. As in fine, he is a good which comprehends all others and as God, though infinitely perfect, can give nothing beyond himself as, moreover, by possessing him, we possess the only thing necessary: hence the desire of enjoying him ought to comprehend'all desires, and reduce us to the inability of desiring anything else. .

Fr. Dominick Morel S.J.


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