Meditation On The Nativity Of Our Savior Christ: Of The Joy Of The Angels At The Nativity Of The Son Of God: And Of The News Which They Related To The Shepherds POINT III


Of the joy of the Angels at the Nativity of the Son of God: and of the news which they related to the Shepherds.


And while the Angel was telling this to the Shepherds, suddenly there was with him a multitude of the heavenly army, praising God, and saying: Glory in the highest to God, and in earth peace to men of good will.

Upon this point, I am to consider, who sent these Angels, and to what end: and the Hymn, or Canticle which they repeat. He that sendeth them, is the eternal Father to honor his Son, who was so humbled for his love: for he had always a care to exalt him, when he humbled himself: and that the Angels likewise might instruct men by their example, what they re to do in this case.


I humbly thank thee (o eternal Father) for this care that thou hast, to honor him, that humbleth himself. Well hath he merited that thou shouldst honor him, seeing he hath humbled himself, to honor thee. And seeing it just, that I should honor, & praise him, teach me to sing this hymn of the Angels, with the same spirit that they sang it, Amen.

Gloria in altissimis Deo.

Glory in the highest to God: In these words the Angels teach us, that all this work of the Incarnation, is the glory of almighty God in a supreme excellency: so that none of his works is so glorious unto him as this, for the which he meriteth to be praised by all such as profess highness of life: and in heaven for this he is especially glorified: and reason would she should be so here on earth; seeing for this cause it is full of the glory of almighty God, as the Seraphines said, when the Prophet Isaias saw the glory of this our Lord.


O king of glory, lift up my heart to the highest, that I may glorify thy name on earth, as the Angels do glorify in heaven. Whatsoever I shall do, or say, let it be to thy glory, without seeking mine own; and from my mouth shall never depart this word; Glory be to God three, and one. Glory to the Father, and to the Son. Glory to the Son, for that he became man for my redemption. And glory to the Holy Ghost, from whose love this work did proceed, Amen.

Et in terra Pax.

And inert peace; which is to say: By this notable work cometh peace to the inhabitants of the earth, and not a peace limited, but very complete: Peace with God, and with Angels: Peace to every one with himself, and with all other men; for this Savior bringeth reconciliation of the world to his Father, the remission of sins, victory over the devils, subjection of the flesh to the spirit, union and concord of willes one with another, and with God, from whence proceedeth alacrity of conscience, and that peace which passeth all understanding.


O Prince of peace, seeing it is written that in thy days of justice should be born, an abundance of peace till the moon should have and end: I humbly beseech thee, to take from me all worldly mutability, and to fortify me with divine sanctity, and peace, Amen.

Hominibus bonae Voluntatis.

To men of good will. In this third word we are to ponder, that albeit peace originally springeth from the good will that almighty God beareth unto us, with the which he offereth it unto all men: yet in effect they only enjoy it, that have good will, well intentioned, conformable to the will of almighty God, and subject to his divine law. So that peace is not promised to men for being of good understanding, or sharp wit, neither for great abilities, nor notable talents, and natural parts: for with all these things there may be much war, discord, and enmity with almighty God: whereas if all these should fail me, yet peace shall not be failing unto me, if I have good will. And therefore I am to make more account thereof, then of all the rest: for (as St. Gregory sayeth) Nihil ditius bona vluntate. There is nothing more rich, more amiable, nor more peaceable then good will. As contrarily there is nothing more miserable, more full of disturbance, and of horror, then evil will. And therefore with great fervency I am to be of the Savior that is born, that he will deliver me from the evil, and give me the good, seeing it lyeth in his gift. Here upon another text sayeth: Hominibius bona voluntas. Be good will unto men.


O most sweet Savior, give me this good will which thou offerest us, that I may deny mine own will, and may follow thine, good, pleasing , and most perfect; seeing thine is the beginning of all good; and mine (left to its own free will) the root of all evil.

~ Luis de la Puente


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