DUCCIO di Buoninsegna 
Peter First Denying Jesus (scene 9) 

VII. Meditation. 

CONSIDER how Annas and Caiaphas, with all their wicked crew, being retired to take their rest, Christ is so far from being allowed to take any, that is committed to the rabble rout of soldiers, to serve them for sport. Here reflect, that the Eternal Wisdom of God is become the sport of wicked men; he is mocked and scoffed at the whole sight, by those impious wretches, for St. Luke relates, saying, that same night the Soldiers that guarded him scoffing at him, covered his face; and striking him said Prophesy to us, O Christ who it was struck thee? and many Blasphemies they uttered against him. We may imagine what a night our Savior had among those savage Executioners, whose cruelty cannot be conceived; nor will it ever be known till the day of judgment, what Savior suffered that night. If a stranger we never saw, or heard of before, if a thief, if a murderer, should be so unworthily and cruelly treated, we should be moved with compassion; and shall we not compassionate our dear Redeemer, who has suffered such unworthy things for for us? We ought to fill all places with our sighs and groans; but, O great ingratitude! so far we are from this, that we easily forget so great a prodigy of suffering love! 

Consider moreover how, whilst this was acting, St. Peter denied our Lord. What a wound was this to the heart of Jesus! How deeply did it afflict him! Far more than all he suffered besides. Yet how often do we deny our Divine Master? As often as we voluntarily offend him. If after looking on our Crucified Savoir, it happens to us as it did to St. Peter that our Lord looks on us by his interior grace, let us, with St. Peter weep bitterly; for how can we behold him in that sad condition without tears ?



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