Black/Palestinian Muslim Murdered Jewish Synagogue Leader Samantha Woll: Detroit Police Refuse To Release Suspect's Name And Picture

Still no name or picture.

Police refuse to release the name and picture.

The Police say it is not a hate crime.

We all know that if a Black murders a white then it is not a hate crime.

And if a Muslim murders a Jew then it is not a hate crime.

This tells you that the suspect is:

1. Black
2. Muslim
3. Palestinian

EVERYONE knows that if the suspect was a White Male then the name and picture would have been released immediately, along with accusation that the Suspect is a White Nationalist. 

Detroit police REFUSE to name suspect arrested for murder of Jewish synagogue leader Samantha Woll - but say they're at 'critical juncture' in the case 
Police investigating the murder of Detroit synagogue president Samantha Woll say they are at a 'critical juncture' as time runs out to charge their suspect. Woll, 40, was found stabbed to death outside her downtown home on October 21, hours after returning from a friend's wedding in the north of the city. Police promised 'transparency' in their investigation and refuted rumors that the popular Jewish activist had been the victim of an Anti-Semitic attack. But they have refused to name the suspect they arrested on Wednesday and have just hours left to charge or release them before the 48-hour custody limit expires. 'At this time, the details of the investigation must remain confidential including the name of the suspect,' the department tweeted at 3.39pm on Thursday. 'Investigators are at a critical juncture in this case and are working tirelessly toward bringing this matter to closure. 'An update will be provided as soon as possible.' Police believe Woll was stabbed multiple times inside her Lafayette Park home but crawled into the street where she was found dead at 6.30am, leaving a trail of blood behind her. A source told Detroit's Local 4 that the arrested suspect is a male who has been moved from Kalamazoo to a jail in Wayne County. Police have confirmed that there were no signs of forced entry at Woll's home and she was found with her wallet and phone on her. But police chief James E White would not confirm whether she left the wedding alone explaining that they are being 'very, very careful' about what information they share. 'A suspect has been taken into custody for the murder of Samantha Woll,' he said on Wednesday. 'While this is an encouraging development in our desire to bring closure for Ms. Woll's family, it does not represent the conclusion of our work in this case. Source


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