Short Meditation For Low Sunday: To Bring About Peace With Self And Others

HE said therefore to them again, Peace be to you, as my Father hath sent me, I also do send you. 

First is to be considered, how Christ our Lord, in this one apparition which he made to his Apostles, said twice unto them, Peace be to you. The first was, in entering; to the end to dispose them, and to make them capable to know the mystery of his resurrection: because 

1. the heart molested with remorse of sins, 

2. disordered passions, 

3. multitude of cares, 

4. or with a troupe of imaginations, 

is not sufficiently disposed to know Christ, and to contemplate his holy mysteries, for which cause it is needful, that Christ our Lord, do first appease and pacify it; Ourselves notwithstanding concurring and helping ourselves, to take away those four impediments of contemplation aforesaid, which Saint Bernard calls Sin gnawing, sense needy, care pricking, and the troupe of corporal imaginations pressing and intruding. Which impediments being removed by the means of the interior peace, which almighty God imparts unto us, the soul cooperating thereunto is made capable of the consolations, which have been specified, in the end of the precedent Meditation. He said unto them the second time, Peace be to you, the better to dispose them for the office he intended to impose upon them, to wit, to go thorough the world, to converse with men, and to convert them: which cannot be done, but by those who conserving peace in themselves, and as much as lie in them, be strongly disposed to conserve it with others, and they with one another, and all with almighty God. 

O King of peace, say twice unto my soul, Peace be to thee,to the end I may partake both of the one, and the other peace, whereby I may come to the knowledge of thy celestial mysteries, and help others also that they may know them : in such wife that wee may all love thee, and serve thee with true peace, and with true charity, Amen. 


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