Fall 2020 Explosion: Huge Explosion At A Russian Hospital In Chelyabinsk For Corona Patients.....

Russia explosion: Blast rocks coronavirus hospital after fire in oxygen store
An explosion has been reported in a student clinic of the South Ural State University in Chelyabinsk, Russia. According to the Ministry of Health of the region, there was an explosion in a booth for storing oxygen cylinders in a polyclinic. There were no casualties, the department noted. However, two severe patients in intensive care with coronavirus died after the fire cut off oxygen supplies in Chelyabinsk, prosecutor Vitaly Lopin told local media. This preliminary data is still being verified. Prosecutor Lopin said in a statement: "An assessment will be made of the actions of all officials, including those responsible for the operation of this oxygen booth. “According to preliminary data, during the disconnection of oxygen immediately before or after the explosion, two severe patients died.” Source

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