Acts Of Patience

Madonna and Child

1. Grant dear Lord, that patience may possess my soul. 

2. Most patient Lord, and Saviour Jesus Christ, I resolve by thy grace, most joyfully to endure, whatsoever grievous troubles, imprisonments, and pains, shall be imposed upon me, by my persecutors, to confirm my self with thee, in thy passion for me.

3. Most meek Lord, if never so great, or grievous troubles should befall me, for the Catholic faith which I profess; yet by thy grace I will beare them, with patience for thy love.

4. The sufferings of this time, are not (dear Lord) condign to the glory, to come, that shall be revealed in us.

5. Our tribulations which is momentary, worketh above measure, exceedingly, an eternal weight of glory in us.

6. Lord of infinite mercy, although there should fall upon me many infirmities, sickness, and pains;  yet by thy grace I would support them with patience for thy love.

7. Most sweet Jesu, hoping in thy grace, though all hell should arm it self against me and the Catholic Religion which I profess, yet would I stand constant in all adversities.

8. Sweet Saviour, though my persecutors, should break in pieces by little, and little, and afflict me with the greatest torments that can be imagined, for the Catholic Faith , which I profess, yet with thy help I would endure them with patience, and constancy.

Fr. Thomas Doughty 1623


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